måndag 6 februari 2012


Yo dudes!

We submitted Secrets of Grindea to SGA, the Swedish Game Awards. Exciting stuff. The nominees won't be presented until June or something though, but yeah!
You can check out our entry at http://gameawards.se/competition_entries/676.

Wish us luck mudda fukkaaas!

tisdag 31 januari 2012


Hey dudes!

Haven't updated this sucker in a really long time now. One reason being that we've started to post about Secrets of Grindea at a bunch of different places. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, our devlog as well as some game development forums. Add a barrage of emails on top of that and you'll be surprised how much focus it takes to keep up.
Also, we've reached a state in the development where we're not really sure if we want to show all and everything we do. Spoiling too much before the game is even out would suck, as would not showing enough and having people lose interest in the game. We're trying to be smart about it, but it's a frickin science.
Since this blog pretty much always has been about me updating all the time with a shit load of stuff, it kinda demotivated me a bit when I couldn't show all the stuff I do. Oh well.

I was pretty blown away though over the amount of people who still visits this blog even though it hasn't been updated in forever. Pretty cool. And I feel kinda bad, especially since I'm such a hater when it comes to guys having blogs which they never update. "They can't take frickin 10 minutes to write a blog post? Fuckers!". So I'm gonna stop being a hypocrite (for the time being) and give this sucker a well deserved update!

So, there's not a lot of new and exciting stuff that has happen since last time I updated really. We're still just hammering away at the game day and night and it's shaping up pretty great. We put together a little video the other week with some visual updates to the combat.

We also set up a more fleshed out scheduled, with like weekly tasks and stuff just to get a clearer view of when it's reasonable to put up deadlines. Before we would just pull a date out of our asses and hope to finish everything we needed by then which rarely worked. The amount of "Oh we forgot about this!" and "Wouldn't it be cool if..." is pretty ridiculous when you're working on a big project. Especially for us, because we love cool stuff and want to (and will!) add all the shit we come up with.
But now we have a neat little weekly checklist with stuff that needs to be done and it's worked out great so far. Crossing shit of lists is the best motivator ever, I'm not even kidding.

In other news, I started playing Final Fantasy 9 the other day. We haven't started out next course here at campus so I figured I could spare an hour or two everyday to chill out a bit. To this I often treat myself with my new favorite snack, peanut butter, avocado and turkey sandwiches! Sounds pretty disgusting, but they're pretty great!
We'll see how far into the game I get before I quit. I've played like, 11 final fantasy games. I've only finished two of them. I have this weird tendency to quit playing games when I reach like the final boss. Oh well!

So yeah. Life is pretty great at the moment. Hopefully the next course won't screw that up with being a pain in the ass. Now, I'm off for some UFC and some sleep. Catch you later duuudes!

fredag 25 november 2011


New weekly update over at our devblog! Check it ooouuutttt!

lördag 19 november 2011


Super busy week, not much time for updating this sucker!

We're going to keep weekly updates over at our newly launched homepage with everything we've been up to the past week. You can check it out at http://secretsofgrindea.com/devlog

I'm gonna try to keep this blog updated as well, probably not as frequently as before though. Since we're updating the progress at so many different places (facebook, twitter, tigsource, our own devlog etc) it feels like a waste of time to post the same shit over here. But yeah, we'll see what happens!

Anyway, keep an eye on our devlog for weekly updates and our twitter (@PixelFerrets) for smaller, more frequent bullshit updates!


lördag 12 november 2011


Gonna keep this short, cause I've got some school work to catch up on!

Video of some co-op action in motion! Enjoy!

lördag 29 oktober 2011


Last few days have been pretty crazy to say the least!

So, a couple of days ago we decided to but a devlog up over at TIGsoruce.com. You know, just posting some shit, getting some feedback, the standard routine.
The next thing we know, we are at the front page of indiegames.com and a dozen other sites, people are blogging about us left and right and we get over 5000 hits on the youtube video we posted on tighsource. The traffic to my blog increased with like a few thousand percent as well.
And while I know this is not some "OMG WE MADE IT WERE SO FUCKIN FAMOUS GIVE US UR CAAASH!!!"-moment, it still is pretty frickin cool! Feels nice to know that there's at least some dudes and dudetts out there that like the shit we're doing!

So we're going to do weekly updates in our devlog over at TIGsource, with videos, screens, WIPs and all other stuff we can think of! So be sure to check that out, next update will feature the co-op and combat system in full action!

So yeah, since I always try to update with some form of animation or whatever when I update here, today won't be any different!
I've spent most of the day reworking old animations and creating some exclusive animations for our female sprite!
I think the first animation I did when we started out a few months back were the running animation for the main character. After doing a hundred something animations, I've gained a few levels so to speak! It's pretty cool to compare the old stuff to the new, you kinda get proof that the hours you put in actually pays off!

For the untrained eye, the one to the left is the new one and the one to the right is ooold. The update features better posture and less stiffness, better pacing and motion, more flowy fabrics and more fleshed out legs! I don't know if the difference is as major to everyone else as it is to me, but yeah. Pretty sweet!

Now, I'm gonna get some sleep. It's 7 in the morning, been working pretty much all day. I'll talk to you later assholes, byyyeeee!

onsdag 26 oktober 2011


Gonna keep this super short cause I want to go to bed.

No updates due to the first courses in school are about to finish up. Been stuck with school work and stuff like thaaat.
Even in times of hard studying, we always keep working on the game though!

Anyway. Video of the first village in the game. Hell, yeaaaah!

Now, time to sleep. FUUUU!